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Opening panel at the WMLF 2012 conference

Thanks to all the speakers and guests for making this event such a success!

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Recent Projects

The closing panel

from the 2012 WMLF conference

Guests at the 2012 WMLF conference

give an enthusiastic applaud

The distinguished US based writer and scholar, Vali Nasr

attends a WMLF panel discussion in North London on May 5th, 2011.

HRH Raja Dr Nazrin Shah The Crown Prince of Perak, Malaysia

Delivers the Royal Opening Address “Bridging the Muslim and Western World for Peace and Development” at WMLF's 2010 Conference

WMLF 2012 Conference Coverage

Check out some of the media coverage of the 2012 conference:
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WMLF 2012 Conference: World Muslim Leaders – The Next Generation

We are at a crucial juncture in the development of the Muslim world and the WMLF’s 2012 conference aims to play an important role in supporting current and emerging leaders. […]

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Monday To Saturday 11AM To 8PM